My design and development processes are grounded in the theories and practices of:


  • The field of instructional design and development, which advocates the systematic application of learning, research and theory for the development of educational materials and activities to accompany or direct a presentation.

  • Collaborative consulting, whereby the client(s) and the developer(s) form a close working relationship, respect and share each other's expertise, and ultimately develop joint ownership for the product -- whether it be an evaluation study, educational plan, or hands-on materials.

  • Naturalistic inquiry methodology, a primarily qualitative approach to conducting research and development in exhibitions. Naturalistic inquiry seeks to understand the "how" and "why" questions underlying visitor beliefs, experiences, and behavior. 

  • Getting it Right: methods, including structured and open-ended interviews, unobtrusive and participant observations, focus groups, written surveys, and timing and tracking studies to determine visitor content retention, understanding, behavioral modification, fun, ease of use, and accessibility.